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fuck it. be a mess.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I am just shy of 22 and have never been in love. However, I have been fucked. Fucked up, fucked over, straight fucked, butt fucked, and a fucking fuck. That is the only word in my vocabulary because that is the only way to describe this time. The world… fucked. My depression… fucked. My denial of true emotional romantic connection… fucked.

I am a catch, or at least that’s what my friends tell me. But here’s the kicker, i got bangs.. On purpose. And why. I have a round face. My face doesn’t need any more framing. Again, I am fucked.

But to be a catch, you want to be caught. And to be caught is to be tangled in the net of lies, misinformation, and fears. Maybe i don’t want to be caught, but to catch. And catch what? I don’t know a job.

I know im hot. At least when im naked. I bless people with my cum. That is the seventh sacrement. And god damnit there are so many saints running around spreading the word of my hotness with their cum annointed head. Blessed be to those who are so honored to fuck me. That gorilla grip pussy is no harambe. Not on my watch. I treat her well.

I am really in my feelings

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