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Why do we judge?

After many glasses of red wine, I begin to ponder, why the fuck do we judge? Is it to make ourselves feel better? Or is to provide help? But if it is to help, what do we offer by silently casting our opinion?

I’ve always loved drinking. With friends, family, by myself. I do. I like the cool liquid slowly caressing my throat. I love the buzz. Especially watching movies. And holding a glass in my hand. And trust me, it’s not to be high class. I’m currently in biker shorts and a sweater sipping on cheap red wine in a $1 glass.

Red wine is my go-to. Or baileys and coffee. Or gin and tonic but ONLY if I make it. Or

pineapple drinks. Either way, I LOVE to drink. I don’t feel the need to drink; good day, bad day or neutral day. But why can’t I drink without feeling shame? If anyone drinks less I’m not respectable? And I only find this problem with those who drink less never the same or more. But on a different level, if it’s the weight watchers or calories judgement those people can FUCK off because enough people suffer and have suffered with eating disorders. But WHY do I feel shame?

My friends criticize my behavior yet they drink a shit ton of white claws for the weekend? And I do the same on the weekend but if I drink during the week I’m crazy? Funny. I don’t judge their partying habits because everyone should have fun yet why do I feel their judgment? Everyone has habits; good, bad, and in-between.

Anyways, I’m going to finish my wine and the Hunger Games movie and if you judge me? Shame. On. You.

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