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fuck it. be a mess.

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

This is for whoever I end up with. Yo yo what’s up. Gotta listen to part 2 bitch!

so, hey I’m back. These are fun. I should be a blogger. Anyways.

This is to the person I end up with. I don’t know how long she is next to you. Holy shit that’s so weird to think about me in third person. (chuckle) anyways, i dont know how old she is when you’re listening to this. Maybe it’s a week from now. Maybe it’s a month from now. Maybe it’s a year from now. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a billion years from now. Maybe it’s next week. Who knows? Anyways, i don’t know how old she is. I don’t know in what way that she looks but here’s the thing. She’s gone through a lot of fucking shit. A lot of shit. She’s seen friends die. She has seen people die. She’s experience A heartbreak. Usually about a school or something she didn’t get because she’s an entitled little bitch in high school. But she’s been through a lot. She holds a lot in. trust me, I know. I’m the 22 evolved version. Not the fully one but the 22 year old. And she deserves to have her heart not only protected but bursting. She needs someone who sees her for who she is even on the rainiest of days, even on the brightest of days, even on the hardest of days. She needs someone to see her for who she is. But here’s the thing, she’s kinda fucking perfect and she knows it. That’s the leo in me- I’m so sorry. But she’s really great and I think, I think you should worship her feet. The feet she walks in- you know that saying. And eat her out every day. Except when she’s on her period. She doesn’t really like that. But um, you should be in awe of what she does. Because it’s really fucking cool, and she works really fucking hard to get there and cherish her body. Baby, it’s seen shit. It’s seen so much shit. So you gotta cherish it. But it’s also experienced a lot in life and aye does she know some moves. Aye aye aye aye. I don’t know what im saying. I don’t know what im saying. All I know is I have some food waiting for me. I’m just really really high. Hehe

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