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& ur welcome.

fuck it. be a mess.

I introduce myself with my full name

as if the formality will make the interaction worth something.

Just as the sound leaves my lips, I am met with disappointment.

The sounds do not ring as elegantly as when they come from yours.

My words hang in the air with no destination,

practically meaningless in vibration.

My eyes stare as smoke begins to seep from each other of their letters.

The air that once filled my lungs is replaced with charcoal, dark, dry.

I crave the way your mouth mutters out what now rings as static.

I shut my eyes to see the spark that only resides on your tongue.

With one touch the white flames could consume my flesh

and put the slack to good use.

I crave the warmth that comes with you.

I sit rigid with my ears ringing of [name redacted]

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